Experience the Adriatic Sea in a whole new way, underneath the waves. The same limestone rocks that form Croatia's gorgeous islands and picturesque bays extend below the surface to create beautiful underwater cliffs, caves, and pillars. Starfish, sea urchins, fish, sea slugs, octopus, corals and sponges dot the sea floor. With excellent visibility, and the largest concentration of shallow-water shipwrecks in the world, the Adriatic is one of the world's premiere SCUBA diving locations, for both experienced and beginner divers alike.


We welcome first-time divers to take the plunge with us. No previous experience necessary, if you know how to swim we can show you how to dive. Discovery dives include gear rental, boat transfer to the dive site, and a brief orientation to diving theory and skills. Our instructors work with you one-on-one on your first submersion, to help you maintain your balance and buoyancy. Once underwater we guide you on a short dive tour at a depth of about 5 meters, as you explore the local sealife.

If you've previously been certified, but haven't gone diving in years, we'll be happy to take you out and refresh you on diving skills and technique.


We offer a full range of diver certification courses, including basic dive certification, diving specialties, and instructor courses. Our dive instructor has been diving for over 30 years and holds the highest CMAS rank of 3-star instructor, having personally trained dozens of instructors and divemasters during his career. Learn from the best, with Draulik.

Beginner courses are offered weekly, and typically take 4-7 days to complete. Advanced certification courses are offered on-demand and through internship programs. Whatever your prior level of experience, we work around your schedule, so you can get the most out of your vacation and your time diving.

Dive Locations and Schedule

We dive in a variety of locations around the islands of Brac, Solta, and Mrduja. The dive sites are some of the best in the area, and dive boats come to the same sites from both Split and Solta island. The locations include several undersea walls covered with cold-water corals, two small shipwrecks (a sailboat and a fishing trawler), and a large cave (Lucice) that is an excellent location for more experienced divers. Common wildlife includes small corals and sponges, starfish, sea urchins, rock fish, schooling fish, octopus, and on occasion seahorses, rays, or eels. Our dive sites are selected daily based on the weather and currents to ensure our divers have a pleasant experience both beneath and above the waves.

Since the dive sites are very close to Milna, we typically offer one tank dives in the morning and afternoon, returning to town for lunch in between. The morning dive typically meets at the shop at 9 am, and the afternoon dive at about 2:30 pm. Our schedule is flexible to the needs of divers and may vary somewhat from day to day.

Price List

Discovery Dive (1 dive, all gear, boat)  -  400 kuna (55 eur)

Scuba Diver (1 dive, all gear, boat)  -  400 kuna (55 eur)

Scuba Diver (1 dive, only boat, weights, tank)  -  250 kuna (35 eur)

Custom Diving Trips (special locations, multi-dive trips, night dives)  -  Price varies.

Snorkeling (all gear, boat, with drive group only)  -  100 kuna (15 eur)

Beginner Diving Course (CMAS)  -  2250 kuna (300 eur)

  • Course includes theory classes, 6 free dives, skills practice sessions, all gear, boat, logbook, course diploma, and CMAS diver certification card.

Advanced Diving/Specialty/Instructor Courses (CMAS)  -  Price varies.

  • Contact us to discuss your needs and to arrange a course.

*Family, group, and multi-dive discounts offered. Ask for details.

Special Trips and Group Events

Draulik specializes in organizing custom underwater events, as well as group trips to many of the premier diving destinations of the central Adriatic. We have organized underwater sculpture exhibitions, wedding party dives, and week-long accommodation and dive packages for groups as large as 30 people to the National Park of Lastovo. Reach out to us to enquire about your special needs. We enjoy sharing in the excitement of the atypical and the extraordinary.


Diving Lucica Cave

Lucice Caves is one of top dives in Croatia. The entrance of the cave is at 3 meters and the bottom varies between 25 and 40 meters. Explore Lucice Caves with the experienced divers of Draulik.

Exhibition of Neutral Buoyancy Sculptures

Famous Croatian sculptor Petar Popijac displays neutral buoyancy sculptures devised as part of his doctoral thesis in the arts.